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The aim of Priapo foundation is to provide a credit access to the weakest social groups and the most disadvantaged areas, in order to develop some projects by which people can take part in the social, economic and political community growth actively and responsibly, also to guarantee an adequate growth for the children. The foundation is based on an ethically-oriented finance, which is able to guarantee an impartial economic development, that would also be respectful to both human and environmental rights by maintaining the honest capacity of ecosystem regeneration.
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Moringa oleifera
The Priapo Foundation intends to realise and support over time various environmentally friendly farms committed to cultivating, processing and selling moringa. The production of this extraordinary plant, in fact, may help the populations of the entire world to have a greater control over their diet.
Through the creation of farms that dedicate themselves to the cultivation of moringa, it will be possible to help children and their families in living on the fruits of their own land.
Genuit considers as its priority the realisation of projects in practice. For this reason, it also develops its operation in joint venture with other realities or companies, with the ultimate aim of allowing access to credit for subjects of the social economy, whether they are non-profit or for-profit, evaluating enterprises, people and projects mainly on the base of their capacity to produce “social value” for children in the first place. Meno
Thompson & Grace Medical city
The mission of Thompson and Grace Medical City is to advance the healthcare landscape in Nigeria by providing access to a trusted network of world-class health professionals. Furthermore, by creating a reliable healthcare system, Thompson and Grace Medical City seeks to improve the lives of Nigerians and healthcare conditions in the region. Meno
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